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Comes down to $4.45/bucket

10 small buckets


    Les Cèdres (Par 27)

    Inaugurated in 1976, this course matured through the years. Its compact size is ideal for families and/or beginners who wish to learn the sport or for golfers who want to practice and improve their short game. With a 90 minute game play, Les Cèdres is also interesting for workers who want to get out in the sun for a short round after a day’s work.

    Les Mélèzes (Par 30)

    In 1992, Les Mélèzes is born. Our first course with par 4s  rapidly becomes popular since it is adapted to the majority of our customers game level. With large fairways and few hills, it is easy to walk and takes around 1h45 to play.

    Les Pins (Par 32)

    The longest and the youngest of all three courses was inaugurated in 2005. Les Pins offers a good challenge to golfers of all game levels. The fairways are narrower than on Les Mélèzes and there are more obstacles (lakes, sand traps, hills, etc.)

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