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Day Membership Benefits


Many activities throughout the year

Possibility to book your second round of 9 holes

30% off regular price on all clothes

5% off regular price on all products in pro shop

Rebate on golf cart rentals

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing membership included (150$ value)

Access to 6 Tuesday group lessons for FREE from April 28th to June 23. Maximum 1 lesson per week (103$ value). Must make a reservation.

Rebate on buckets of balls

5% off your membership if paid before December 2nd 2019

Worker's Membership Benefits


Access to 3 Tuesday group lessons for FREE (From April 28th to June 23). Maximum 1 lesson per week. (51$ value). Reservation required.

Rebate on buckets of balls

When buying your membership, you have the option to add 6 DAY passes valid on the courses of your choice, for only an additional 60$ +tx

5% off your membership if paid before December 2nd 2019

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Avantage membres

Come and play outside

Lexique des conditions



The following lexicon resumes most of the types of trail conditions you may encounter during winter.  We may add more relevant adjectives in the future to complete the lexicon.

  • Spring

  • Minimal

  • Acceptable

  • Good

  • Very good

  • Excellent

  • Fairy Tale



Spring*: Often occurs during thaw. Soft snow, trails are icy at some places. May see a few meters of trails with no snow.

Minimal*: Occurs at beginning of season or after thaw. Trails are icy in some places and less deep than usual. Not much snow in general, but overall still enjoyable.

*Spring and minimal: When you buy a daily pass in these conditions, we will give you a free entry for a future visit since we consider these conditions to be below our standards.

Acceptable: Enough snow. Tracks are visible on all the trails. Possibility of icy tracks in some places.

Good: Enough snow. Nice tracks on the majority of the trails.

Very good: More than enough snow. Nice tracks on all the trails.

Excellent: Abundant snow. Nice dense tracks on all the trails. Ideal weather for skiing.

Fairy tale: Excellent conditions AND a majestic scenery in the trees. Ideal weather for skiing.

Carte des pistes
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The Club de golf Les Cèdres offers you a picturesque and enchanting landscape that will seduce you by its welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Les Cèdres (Par 27)

Inaugurated in 1976, this course matured through the years. Its compact size is ideal for families and/or beginners who wish to learn the sport or for golfers who want to practice and improve their short game. With a 90 minute game play, Les Cèdres is also interesting for workers who want to get out in the sun for a short round after a day’s work.

Les Mélèzes (Par 30)

In 1992, Les Mélèzes is born. Our first course with par 4s  rapidly becomes popular since it is adapted to the majority of our customers game level. With large fairways and few hills, it is easy to walk and takes around 1h45 to play.

Les Pins (Par 32)

The longest and the youngest of all three courses was inaugurated in 2005. Les Pins offers a good challenge to golfers of all game levels. The fairways are narrower than on Les Mélèzes and there are more obstacles (lakes, sand traps, hills, etc.)

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